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    BEIYUE GROUP , located in the beautiful jiangnan water township, the world's largest textile raw material market "China textile raw materials city" in the location of China · Qianqing. Relying on advantageous geographical position advantage and shaoxing textile industry in Yangtze river delta, after years of development and accumulation, has now become a collection development, production, processing, trade as one, the excellent enterprises with annual sales of tens of millions of yuan.

    The company mainly produces POY,FDY,DTY, polyester yarn, nylon monofilament, T/R,T/R/SP,T/R/W, knitting fabric, woven fabric, the company has maintained good cooperative relations with many customers in China, and constantly has new customers to join. Company actively invest a lot of manpower material resources, the introduction of foreign advanced management mode, and always adhering to the quality and price, service with a win-win principle, sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, with you hand in hand altogether will create tomorrow.

    The company specialized in producing various specifications of FDY, DTY, POY polyester color spinning, annual output of more than 70,000 tons. At present, there are more than 1000 different colors to choose from. The company has a number of "integrated" silk yarn production line, and now is one of the largest polyester yarn production enterprises in China, and has an important influence in China's differentiated chemical fiber field.

    In recent years, the company has been actively exploring overseas markets, with annual export volume of more than us $75 million, exporting countries and regions more than 80, and has won high popularity in these countries.

    The company always adhere to the "quality first, positive innovation" business philosophy. The company produces all kinds of color silk with its colorful, top-grade color fastness, the extremely low cut line rate, comfortable feel to win the excellent reputation among domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, the company relies on flexible management mode and strong technical force, which has led the development of China's textile industry for many years.

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